Lithium Battery Intelligent Production Line Solutions

  • Pioneer In The Industry
    The first lithium battery intelligent production line solution in the industry
  • Professional Team
    Well-known lithium enterprise professional team, excellent partners
  • Turnkey Project: 120 Days
    Turnkey project: 120 days
    Information, automation, intelligence
  • Integration Of Resources
    Promote and integrate industrial resources through research and development;
  • The first lithium battery intelligent production line solution in the industry;
    At present, We have more than 20 practical experiences in the whole line cooperation.
    Yinghe can give customers better service and higher sence of security from technology and capital!

  • Well-known lithium enterprise professional team, excellent partners;
    The different morphological changes of the product from powder - slurry - electrode - electrode - cell were simulated and analyzed.
    Design the product flow route, the direction of the material on the pole roll, the direction of the pole group flow, etc.
    Customize various fixture protection products, improve quality and efficiency!

  • Turnkey project: 120 days
    The whole line of products, materials and equipment can be traced back, and the quality can be controlled
    The rectifying equipment has a direct rate of 95% -- high qualification rate and standing rate
    30 percent less electricity consumption --- low energy consumption design (energy feedback, steam application, etc.)
    Saving 60% of staff - new process, layout of the whole line, logistics optimization
    Safety protection measures ----- special equipment, no metal dust design
    The whole line cost is low, the payment method is flexible ---- -- -capital advantage

  • Promote and integrate industrial resources through research and development;
    Can provide customers with outstanding performance, even the world's leading technology of single-machine equipment;
    The whole line delivery mode can provide more comprehensive additional services for customers!

  • Huizhou Yinghe

  • Areconn

  • Hehe Automation

  • Longhe Technology

  • Huihe Intelligent

  • Huizhou YINGHE technology co., LTD. was established in January 2013. The company covers an area of 75,000 square meters and a total construction area of 150,000 square meters. Huizhou YINGHE is a state-level high-tech enterprise and provincial-level enterprise technology center with strong R&D, manufacturing and service capabilities, providing precision parts manufacturing for group member enterprises. Huizhou YINGHE is the group's manufacturing base and is the core component of the whole delivery system.

  • Dongguan ARECONN precision machinery co., LTD was established in 2001. Over the years adhering to the synchronization with the world technology development concept, ARECONN forms the coating equipment, rolling equipment, slitting machine equipment, production winding equipment with international quality, local price series products, widely used in high quality liquid, such as polymer, power lithium battery production, led to the rapid development of lithium electricity equipment and technology of China. With excellent quality, continuous innovation and international synchronous design concept, ARECONN has been recognized and trusted by the industry and has become a top supplier of key production equipment for lithium batteries. In 2016, ARECONN officially became a subsidiary of YINGHE technology.

  • Shenzhen HEHE automation Co., Ltd is a subsidiary company of YINGHE, wholly owned by focusing on lithium equipment research and development, manufacturing, sales and services. The core product is die cutting machine, lamination machine, cutting and folding machine and die cutting lamination process related equipment and automated conveyor line.
    The company has always adhered to the concept of lean research and development and lean production to create the most cutting-edge products in the industry. Lamination technology and die cutting technology are leading in the world, and the sales volume of products is among the top in the domestic market. In particular, the first machine in China, cutting and folding machine, effectively help customers to optimize the process, improve efficiency, reduce costs, and win customers praise.
    The company has more than 200 employees, including more than 40 R&D teams, including more than 10 years of senior experts specializing in the R&D and manufacturing of lithium technology and lithium equipment.
    The company adheres to the values of harmony, unity, resource integration, sincere cooperation and win-win sharing, and responds to the market with the most advanced products and services to help customers become more outstanding!

  • Huizhou LONGHE Technology Co., Ltd, YINGHE’s subsidiary, was founded in 2015, focusing on lithium battery intelligent assembly line and liquid injection machine, helium detector machine, single blue film machine and other equipment and the research and development, manufacture and sales of logistics line, Technology reached the international advanced level.
    LONGHE technology applies the international most advanced IDP integrated R&D platform; Introduces the IATF quality management system of automobile industry; the whole process customer management is carried out by using big data technology.
    LONGHE technology attaches great importance to the construction of the technical team. The company's technical talents account for more than 50% of the total number of the enterprise, and it has a number of six sigma black belt and green belt personnel. The core team has many years' working experience in top European enterprises, with broad vision and advanced technology, and is highly sensitive to the world technological development trend. 
    LONGHE technology will continue to maintain the passion for innovation and innovation, stimulate the vitality of the organization, create top products, and practice the customer-oriented business philosophy.

  • Shenzhen HUIHE intelligent technology co., LTD., a subsidiary of YINGHE , is the only software developer focusing on MES system of lithium battery industry in China.
    Through the single machine intelligent transformation service, the company upgrades and transforms the automation equipment, enhances the equipment information application level; through multi-platform data docking and real-time and efficient data collection, the factory can monitor the production status and provide reference for the formulation of production technology and production plan. Based on MES data and by means of digital model, simulation and 3D virtual, the whole production process is simulated, evaluated and optimized to help customers build digital factories.
    The company has a research and development technology team of more than 50 people. The research and development team has more than 15 years of experience in the lithium industry. For many years to focus on lithium electricity factory MES system solutions, known as lithium manufacturing production management and implement pain points and difficulties of MES system, HUIHE can quickly reach the designated position to understand customer needs, optimizing functions necessary to achieve customer, maximize reduce customer costs.

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