Yinghe Technology Won the “Best Delivery Award” from CATL

On Dec. 29th, the 2022 CATL Supplier Conference was grandly held in Xiamen, Fujian with the theme “Win-win Cooperation with Supplier, Carbon Developing the Future”. Yinghe Technology as a long-term reliable and important partner of CATL, was invited to participate in this conference. In 2022, with deep forging in R&D, manufacturing, after-sales, management, and other aspects, Yinghe Technology with strong delivery strength has become one of the core acceleration of CATL to expend production and won the annual “Best Delivery Award”!


As a lithium battery equipment enterprise that has repeatedly won various awards such as the "Annual Excellent Supplier" of CATL, Yinghe Technology has been honored again this time, which proved that the leading enterprise of global power battery has high recognition to the comprehensive strength of Yinghe Technology. From the earliest coating machine to the current core lithium battery equipment covering pressing and slitting machine, laser notching, assembly line, etc., the cumulative cooperation amount between Yinghe and CATL has exceeded 4 billion yuan in 2021 and 2022, and both parties has established a stable relationship of Win-win Cooperation with Supplier.   

The ability to collaborate with global leading enterprises and achieve high-quality and rapid development in the expansion competition cannot be separated from the strategic focus of Yinghe Technology on products - "making precision and strengthening" of single unit equipment. It is worth noting that Yinghe Technology's coating, pressing, slitting and electrode roll making series products have steadily ranked among the top ten global customers in market share, and the market share advantages of the middle and rear process of cutting and stacking, and assembly line products have gradually become prominent.


Yinghe Technology continues to deepen its product development and technological improvement. In 2022, it launched multiple star single machines, including ultra-wide pressing and slitting machine, 4680 laser winding machine, 21700 negative out-packing high-speed cylindrical winding machine, laser cutting and stacking hot pressing machine, and short knife battery cell assembly line. By improving the efficiency and qualification rate of single machine/entire line, continuously optimizing and reducing equipment energy consumption, helping customers significantly improve production capacity and product quality, reducing production costs, and truly achieving the corporate mission of "Helping Customers Excel".