New Product Launched! Laser Cutting, Stacking And Hot-Pressing Integrated Machine Set Industry Benchmark

Facing the production requirements of a new generation of batteries with large cells and large modules, compared with the traditional winding process, the high-speed stacking process has advantages in the performance of battery cell charge and discharge rate, safety, energy density and cycle life, etc. In recent years, major domestic battery manufacturers have also applied the stacking process to the production of prismatic and soft-packed batteries, striving to achieve corner overtaking in the "Stacking Era".

Hehe Automation, a subsidiary of Yinghe Technology, launched the first domestic hardware cutting and stacking machine in 2017; the first domestic laser cutting and stacking machine in 2019; and the high-speed three-station cutting and stacking machine launched in 2021, all of which are at the world's leading level efficient stacking equipment.

The performance of Hehe's recently launched three-station laser cutting and stacking machine has achieved industry-leading level. The overall machine efficiency of the equipment is 0.15s/p, the production speed of the winding process is comparable to 0.1s/p, and the laser cutting stable operation line speed reaches 60M /min, the laser cutting burr is within 10μm, and the cutting position and shape accuracy of the tab can be controlled to ±0.2mm. Compared with the traditional die-cutting machine + stacking machine cell production method, the three-station laser cutting and stacking machine has significant advantages in production efficiency, compatibility, stability and economic benefits through the application of new laser technology and a high degree of innovative integration. The device has now entered the mass production stage.


High stability

The product applies the leading laser control algorithm to achieve energy follow-up during high-speed cutting to ensure cutting consistency, which can greatly improve the stability of product quality.

High compatibility

The product is compatible with the cutting process requirements of different sizes of tabs, can realize automatic roll change and tape splicing without stopping, and is equipped with automatic NG rejection function, which can effectively improve the production capacity of battery production lines.

Highly intelligent

The equipment uses CCD automatic vision system, which can perform online detection of electrode flaws, size problems, etc., and automatically collect bad electrodes to realize industrial intelligence!

"Zero Noise"

The cutting noise of laser die-cutting is lower than that of metal die-cutting, and laser forming is basically noise-free.

"Zero Dust"

Laser die-cutting has no mechanical stretching of materials, and generates less dust. The molten dust generated by laser cutting is collected by a special pipeline, and the dust cleanliness of the equipment space is higher, which ensures the high-quality production of products. 


The three-station laser cutting and stacking machine breaks the traditional cell production method of die-cutting machine + stacking machine through highly innovative integration, realizes the production function of laser cutting tab + stacking with one device, and effectively reduces the customer's equipment, labor, site and other cost inputs.

The equipment adopts laser forming, the laser has a long life and a wide range of compatibility: there is no need to replace the mold, and the parameters can be changed with one key, which greatly reduces the time for changing the model, no mold repair costs, no mold production costs, and higher equipment utilization. The overall cost of equipment is lower than that of metal mold forming, and the overall economic benefit is higher.

The three-station laser cutting and stacking integrated airport area occupies only 50% of the traditional equipment die-cutting machine + stacking machine. The labor cost and replacement cost can be saved by about 30%. The high degree of equipment integration reduces the flow of processes. Indirectly improve the utilization rate of customer materials.