Gathering Movements丨YH Elite team travel through the East and West coast Journey

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On July 29, YHwins Group carries out Outdoor Hiking Activity of "Gathering Movements and Moving Passion 2018". After gathering on the starting point.The Chairman Wang Weidong led the group, CEO Yu Jianzhong, the management of the group and the core staff of the company forming an Impassioned team to go with the blazing sun.

The hiking route is the most beautiful coastline in the city of ShenZhen, the East - west coast of DaPeng peninsula,with four-kilometers total straight line and nine-kilometers walking distance. The hike took 3.5 hours at last and an average of 5 hours, according to the company’s volunteers’ stepping and calculation.

Just set off, a rugged, over 45-degree mountain stone road, gave everyone a downcomer. When everyone was stepping with vigorous, the higher they climbed,the heavier they feel, and soon the team drawed away from each other.

When the team went down the mountain through the thorny path, the field of vision was widely open and they got closely contact with the coastline. And this is the real beginning of the coastline.

Departing at 10:30, after more than an hour, the midday sun is like a fireball hanging overhead. It keeps spurting flames to everyone, the coastline is completely devoid of shade, the soles of the feet are hot rocks, and the physical strength of teammates is a sharp decline.

In addition to the hot weather, the teammates are meeting a more dangerous and difficult challenge - close to 90 degrees up to more than 100 meters of cliffs. Everyone took the iron rope and held the breath to climb step by step carefully.

Up the hill, we are greeted by a vertical downward cliff. Just conquered the cliff and now had to challenge a large rocky beach.


strong sunlight

Throughout the process, the team passed through a number of mountains, cliffs, rocky beaches, peninsulas, reefs, sea-eroded rocks, stone bridges, often up and down vertical slopes of tens of meters, the team extended to more than one kilometer before and after, sometimes climbing up in the steep rock walls ,sometimes jumping between standing boulders.







When everyone climbs to the peaks and looks at the scenery, looking back at the rugged roads they have walked through, they all feel sorrowful: because of assistance, they can climb the peak; because they encourage each other, they can break through themselves.

At 1:30 pm, the WeChat group sent a good news. The first team lasted 3 hours and took the lead to reach the end. This greatly inspired the teammates who were still on the road.

In each dangerous mouth and rock wall, giving your teammates a hand-in-hand; who physicall better to help others carry backpacks. In this way, everyone encouraged each other and helped each other. All the players arrived at the destination within 5 hours and completed the hiking mission together!

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Sometimes the goal is very farawy

And the road ahead is hard and dangerous

There are even many unknown difficulties 

Fortunately, we are not alone.

Partners support each other and encourage

Don't let anyone fall behind, don't give up

Going together toward a common goal

 This is the YH’ fighter!

Gathering ahead of the mission and reaching it!